Feels Like the First Time (Revisited)

…finally…, making a Re-Entry into the Blogosphere this crisp, cool October morn. (Yes, it has been a great while since I first massaged this Blog.)

I have been so Inspired & Encouraged to write lately, mainly due to all the wonderful musings on many of the Blogs that I visit weekly!

Some worth mentioning:

  • jonacuff.com/stuffchristianslike
  • hipmamamedia.com
  • riverofthoughts.com

“It feels like the first time,

It feels like the very first time…

Open up the door, won’t you open up the door?


It Feels Like the First Time…”

I would like to Encourage & Inspire you today – this week:

“Write Something”

Even if it’s an, “I Luv U” on your child or spouse’s Lunch Napkin.



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“I Know, My Son, I Know…”

HE says, “I know, my son, I know.”

~Dads often struggle w/ finding the best reply to the confusion in their sons & daughters lives…

[I got to ‘play God’ w/ my 7 yr old today]
He lost his religion over a newly rented Wii game after trying to play it w/ out reading the directions.

He literally bawled his eyes out about not having the ability to figure it out by himself.

After sending him to his room for a ‘cool-down’, he burried his face in my chest and said, “Dad, I’m sorry. I need ‘your help’, please.”

~And I said, “I know, my son, I know.”  

*(Are We Asking Our Father For Help Today…?  Or choosing to do it all on our own and crying about it….?)

***N-joy Your Weekend***  ><>

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…Hip To Be [Square]

       “OMG, he doesn’t even have a Cell Phone?”

~I think anyone over 40 may have a ‘friend like this’.

Allow me to introduce my ‘friend like this’…

He is “not”:

cell-phone-cray-zee; into e-mail, Face Book or (Yuck) My Space, TV or even current movies.


He “is”:

a scholar in the truest sense of the word & the most well-read person I know, a big fan of ‘all things Bible’ (knows it <- & ->, clear minded, and able to admonish me & others like a ‘Velvet Sledgehammer’, very devoted to spending time & making memories w/ his wife & 3 sons.


He “does”:

allow Jesus to ‘stick out’ of his elbows & his heart.


~Some people might say my ‘friend like this’ is (using some 70’s riffs here) ‘[Square]’ & ‘Un-Cool’, (using some 00 riffs, too) ‘Not PC’ & ‘Not-Relevant’.


*I would say, “He is awesomely ‘Hip-to-be-Square’ & my life is the better for knowing him.”


**I hope & pray that we all have ‘friends like this’ in our lives…

[Enjoy the up-coming weekend & Be A Little Bit [Square] !

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The Eyes Have It

“Eye’ve” been eye-ing all the “eye” references that eye’ve been inundated with lately while listening to  Christian radio …

New Toby Mac-Lose My Soul:

“All eyes are on You, All eyes are on You, Lord…”


New Brandon Heath-Give Me Your Eyes:

“Give me Your eyes to see, give me Your eyes…”


*Our eyes are the windows to our souls.

 ~Today, wear your “Forgiveness” like a “Crown”, not like a “Ball & Chain”.


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Childhood-isms (Kid Sniglets)

Malachi (5)

Yesternite (last night)

Caleb (7)

It’s a “shiny” day. (sunny )

No-topper (convertible)

When we get to Heaven, we can play Hide-n-Seek on the planets!


Dad (45)

My idea of giving up coffee is just going to the bathroom.


*Enjoy your weekend…..and laugh! (out loud if need be)


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Philosophy of a Phive Year Old

… sitting at our breakfast table yesterday morning, Malachi (my five year old), while watching a baby squirrel climb up our backyard fence , commented,

“Dad, the higher up he goes, the more better he can see.”

~His little “golden nugget of insight” reminded me that during our “journey of sanctification” (daily faith-walk) we will often “see things a bit more clearly” by “spending more time with God”.

…now, getting “off the fence” is a whole ‘nother matter/post.

~Blog Away, Post Comments:
Blog #1 ~In~the~Light

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~Being Transformed?

…just now entering the Blogosphere with “Being Transformed?” blog #2.

*Please chime in about all things Xian (music, faith, encouragement, clean humor).

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