Feels Like the First Time (Revisited)

…finally…, making a Re-Entry into the Blogosphere this crisp, cool October morn. (Yes, it has been a great while since I first massaged this Blog.)

I have been so Inspired & Encouraged to write lately, mainly due to all the wonderful musings on many of the Blogs that I visit weekly!

Some worth mentioning:

  • jonacuff.com/stuffchristianslike
  • hipmamamedia.com
  • riverofthoughts.com

“It feels like the first time,

It feels like the very first time…

Open up the door, won’t you open up the door?


It Feels Like the First Time…”

I would like to Encourage & Inspire you today – this week:

“Write Something”

Even if it’s an, “I Luv U” on your child or spouse’s Lunch Napkin.



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    kavenson said,

    I will to to enjoy my weekend. 2 of my kids will be raking leaves to earn money for Casa Hogar in Mexico. 2 of my children will have piano lessons on Saturday afternoon. 1 child will want to play with his train set all day long until I can get him to take a nap. Another child will be studying for his AP History exam on Thursday and trying to earn enough money doing chores around the house to go on a date sunday afternoon. Saturday evening is the Church Fall Festival that my daughter and I are helping to host. My oldest son will be decorating our car and transforming it into a disco for Trunk or Treating at the Festival and on top of that, we will be shopping for Nordic equipment for the upcoming Nordic ski team. NJOY U’r Wknd too.

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